Security Consulting

Communications, Security, and Regulatory Consultants Ltd (CS&R) offers technical consulting services on security enhancement technologies to security agencies as well as other security conscious organisations and individuals. We work closely with our clients to identify, analyse, and define their specific requirements, and can offer them state of the art monitoring, identification, data-gathering, and deterrent solutions in collaboration with our world class technical partners.

CS&R Consultants Ltd maintains technical partnerships with an extensive network of manufacturers, vendors, and purveyors of high quality and highly advanced security enhancement technologies, of which our consultants possess expert knowledge. We can match your specific requirements to the optimal solution.

Below is a sample of the types of services we offer:

Advisory Services

Technical advice on existing security enhancement technologies. We'll help you navigate through the different available options.

Intelligent Monitoring Systems

Face Recognition, License Plate Recognition, Movement Detection, Missing Object Detection, Body Language Analysis, Real-Time SMS Alerts, Remote Alert of Security Forces.

Requirements Analysis

Client Consultation, Threat Analysis, Site Survey, Requirements Identification and Definition, Feasibility Study.

Access Control Systems

Access Card, Reader, Authenticating Information (Card, PIN, Retina Scan, or Fingerprint): A match between the credential and the access control list determines who is allowed to enter or exit.

Surveillance Solutions

Surveillance & Monitoring Systems: CCTV, IP Camera Systems for remote monitoring, receive feed on mobile device.

GPS Tracking

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking, plus Personal Tracking Devices. Full National Coverage. View vehicle or individual's current location from any device with internet access.