The Company


Communications, Security, and Regulatory Consultants Ltd (CS&R Consultants Ltd) is a technical consulting and and regulatory affairs advisory firm with a team of highly experienced consultants whose individual areas of expertise range from advanced ICT Solutions to Security Enhancement Technologies, as well as Regulatory Affairs.

CS&R Consultants Ltd provides technical consulting services over a wide range of ICT requirements and solutions, working with clients to apply optimal ICT solutions to their business and operational requirements. We also provide technical consulting on high-tech security enhancement solutions such as surveillance and monitoring solutions, access control solutions, and data gathering/data analysis solutions.

Communications, Security, and Regulatory Consultants Ltd was incorporated in 2010 and has already established itself as a premium ICT and Security Consulting firm, with clients in the public and private sectors and a reputation for delivering high quality solutions at international standards.

CS&R Consultants Ltd is a subsidiary of the Openmedia Group. The company’s offices are located in Wuse II, Abuja,¬†Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria.